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McKinsey Construction Trends

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McKinsey Construction Company provides competitive bids to build dwellings and other types construction projects. While they can do many things, they are responsible for scheduling, planning and supervising. To reduce time on construction projects, they place great importance on avoiding delays.


Jan Mischke serves as a partner of McKinseyGlobalInstitute (MGI), the business- and economics research arm at the consulting firm. He oversees work on infrastructure, construction, productivity and competitiveness. As a consultant, he worked previously for McKinsey. These global trends are his current focus. Find out more about Mischke's work and learn more here. These books and other resources are among the most valuable on the topic.

Jose Luis Blanco

McKinsey released a report that showed technology can boost productivity up to half-off. It is crucial to ensure that data is open and transparent, and that leaders are willing to work with others. McKinsey discovered that many construction companies are adopting technology. Companies are finding new customers and better ways to execute their projects. McKinsey also found that many firms have adopted technology to improve productivity as well as lower costs. The benefits of increased productivity and efficiency are also being enjoyed by self-performing contractors.

Jose is responsible for McKinsey's North America construction and engineering work. He is an expert in construction technology and real property and provides advice to capital project leaders through the entire lifecycle of a project. He worked previously for Europe's largest E&C group, where he managed hundreds of engineering teams to successfully complete complex projects. He has extensive knowledge of how to unlock value by integrating digital capabilities, scaling new technologies, and how to do this.

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Technology embrace

Technology is changing everything about construction, engineering and communication. In the past, drawings and sketches were used to communicate details to workers and track progress. It is now possible to create digital records. Construction companies can communicate with their workers constantly and manage costs at the jobsite. It allows 3-D modeling of projects, as well as simulation of various aspects of a given project, including cost.

Increasingly, construction companies are embracing technology to keep pace with the changing landscape. Construction companies are now faced with new challenges because of the increasing sensitivity of their clients to changing markets. The future of infrastructure will be built on modularity and optimizing health, security, as well as energy parameters. Technology becomes cheaper and more efficient, opening up new possibilities. McKinsey has scanned the construction technology landscape.

Lack of labor

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently revealed that there is a shortage of construction workers. The average hourly wage for workers in construction has increased by 2.6 percentage points, compared with the 2.1 percent rate for all workers in the United States. There are many factors that contributed to the shortage. These include the recession, which forced many workers into other occupations and restrictive immigration laws that have mostly prevented undocumented immigrant immigrants from filling the void. Another factor has to do with the education system, which has been gradually phasing out vocational training, as parents steered their children toward university degrees.

The shortage of workers is not limited to the construction industry in McKinney. This affects virtually every industry within the region. In addition to construction workers, fewer workers means fewer designers and code regulators. According to the 2020 Construction Outlook Survey of Associated General Contractors of America, almost 80% of construction companies claim they are having difficulty filling salaried positions. This shortage is expected to worsen as housing costs continue to rise.

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McKinsey Construction Trends