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How to Build a Long Range Quadcopter

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This article will help you build a long-range quadcopter. This article will cover the 5" frame as well as 1.2GHz omnidirectional antennas, larger propellers (BLHeli firmware) and flashing ESCs. There are many other tips and techniques to be found, so don't forget to keep reading! Here are some of our most popular techniques.

5" frame

A frame of 5" for long-range quadcopters is a great choice for racing long distances or cruising. These frames are designed to be strong, have an aesthetic frame style and large battery support areas. It is also the lightest quadcopter available, making it an ideal choice for racing. The 5" frame is a great option for long-range cruising and affordable FPV quadcopters.

1.2 GHz omnidirectional antennas

The Sky Hammer is an incredibly efficient telemetry solution that makes long-range FPV a reality for your quadcopter. This patented, omnidirectional antenna offers 5.25dBi gain as well as 360-degree coverage. It works by pushing unused vertical coverage of a single antenna outward. It can be mounted to a long-range quadcopter and is compatible with various drone models.

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Bigger propellers

The size and shape of the propellers on your drone are an important consideration. Propellers come in many sizes and shapes and can be made from the same materials as the frame. They are most commonly made from plastic and come in two or three bladed designs. A propeller with two blades is enough for beginners. However, larger blades can be used to race or carry a heavier load.

Flashing ESCs via BLHeli firmware

If you're looking for a way to flash ESCs with BLHelli firmware on a long-range quadcopter you probably have questions. It is easy. First, you will need to download BLHeli Suite. This program is used to link your flight controller and your ESCs. Some ESCs can be configured to send bidirectional DShot firmware while others don't.

Using a higher end flight controller

A higher-end control unit is better if your quadcopter has a longer range. A PDB/FC combo will greatly simplify your flight controller stack and allow you to make a more compact build. Furthermore, they can support most of the standard UARTs, including 9V filtered output.

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Buying a battery

The most important thing to do when flying your quadcopter drone is to purchase a battery. A quadcopter battery must not only be powerful but light enough. There are plenty of choices for batteries. LiPO is the most widely used type of batteries and can be found on all sizes of quadcopters. The most popular type of battery is LiPO. These packs are used on micro drones because they provide high power and a short burst. LiPO and LiHV batteries are the most common types.


What's the difference between quadcopters and hexacopters?

A quadcopter is a four-rotor helicopter that flies like a traditional helicopter. It has four rotating rotors. The quadcopter's quadcopter counterpart, the hexacopter, has six instead of four. Hexacopters offer more maneuverability and stability than quadcopters.

What type of batteries should a drone be using?

Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of battery for drones. A typical drone uses between 3 and 6 volts.

Can my drone be flown indoors?

You can fly your drone indoors. Your home should be free from obstacles and hazards. Avoid flying near windows, doors and heating vents.

Do drones fall under the control of the FAA?

The FAA supervises all aspects related to drone operations, including certification requirements and safety standards.

Are drones permitted at public events?

Yes, you are free to fly a drone anywhere as long as you follow the rules. However, if you plan to fly your drone during a public event such as a parade, festival, or concert, you will need approval from the event organizers.


  • According to Indeed, a drone pilot gets paid $25.73 per hour on average in the US. (dronesgator.com)
  • According to industry research from ZipRecruiter , there are 10 cities where the typical salary for a Drone Pilot job is above the national average. (dronesgator.com)
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How To

How To Film Yourself With A Drone

A drone makes it easy to film yourself. It takes only a camera and a remote control, as well as a smartphone. First, get your FAA license. The next step is to purchase a Quadcopter. This drone has four rotors that allow it to fly in various directions.

After you purchase your drone, connect it to your computer using a USB cable. Now, open the software program of your drone and follow these steps:

  1. Connect the drone's battery and the power source to your laptop.
  2. You can check the drone's webcam to verify that it's functioning properly. If there's nothing on the screen then you should check for a problem with the connection between drone and computer.
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi and enter your IP address into the "IP Address" field.
  4. Select the "Camera" option and then select "Open Camera."
  5. Make sure the image quality is set at HD 1080p
  6. Click on "Record," and then click the "Start Recording."
  7. After you have finished recording, close your webcam application.
  8. Save the video file to you hard drive.
  9. Upload the video file to YouTube with another computer.
  10. Share your video on social media such as Facebook.


How to Build a Long Range Quadcopter